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Update I finally put together an app listing on StackApps. If you like and you have a StackApps account, I’d love for your vote on the StackGeography app page. Background My latest project at my full-time job with Sierra Trading Post is their Mashery-managed API. It currently includes most everything you would expect from a retail API: departments, brands, products, search, and reviews. I would like it to include a few things that are less typical but fun to work with from a data aggregation standpoint. One example: recent order locations. While it may not see a lot of outside use, it would be quite nice for our internal observation; it would go great on the handful of large screens around the company with site statistics continually updating on them. In order to put together a proof-of-concept that I could even do this, I wanted to make a mapping demo using someone else’s API. Since I am responsible for the Sierra Trading Post API, I try to research other APIs to learn from their successes and pain points. One such API that has provided a lot of [positive] learning is the Stack Exchange API. It just so happened that… Continue reading