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Adam Patridge (Cheyenne, WY) [resume] [LinkedIn]

Xamarin MVP Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

What I do

Most days, I spend at least some time programming, typically writing iOS/Android apps with Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android or ASP.NET MVC sites using C# and JavaScript (typically of the jQuery variety). I’m a Xamarin MVP and Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer. While I love writing code for some pretty random ideas that come into my head, I mostly sling code for Sierra Trading Post (Any opinions are mine and not Sierra’s/TJX’s and whatnot).

My biggest mobile project is Sierra Trading Post’s iOS retail app, built using C# in Xamarin.iOS. Both the iOS app and Sierra’s Android app, built using Xamarin.Android, operate using the Sierra Trading Post API that I created using ASP.NET MVC (prior to ASP.NET Web API). I am currently managing development efforts on these projects and any future ones that are born in Sierra Trading Posts Emerging Markets Team (EMT).

I will always have a soft spot for the Sierra Trading Post mobile site that started as an experiment on my living room couch after I got my first-gen iPod Touch. It was a great lesson in unobtrusive JavaScript as it works fine without it, though it is much more enjoyable with it enabled.

I’ve been known to write sillier code in my free time, though. For example, Smudges is a silly game (now available on Android) I originally created to occupy my then-2-year-old child. I’ve written a bit about it on this blog, if you want to learn more about Smudges or learn more about some of the code that went into making Smudges.


TownRaiser This was my first true foray into video game development (Sorry, Smudges. Victor Chelaru, who created the FlatRedBall game dev engine/tools, asked if I wanted to do a one-month game project. At the end, we had TownRaiser, an town-building RTS-style game. I went from no game dev experience to building unit AI and animations at an incredible pace.

rss-to-jsonp A silly proxy for requesting an RSS feed and returning JSON assembled from that feed, originally started as a tool needed for Kickstarterterest. Final product goes out to AppHarbor at http://rss-to-jsonp.apphb.com/{atom|rss}/?url={feedUrlEncoded}.

zxingnetapi An ASP.NET Web API that exposes various methods in the ZXing.NET library for generating and eventually creating barcodes.

MonoForAndroidFlashlight A simple flashlight app that I put together in Mono for Android to use on my Galaxy Nexus.

StackGeography started as a proof-of-concept mapping demo and evolved hastily into a StackApps app. This mapping site polls for recent Stack Exchange site questions (StackOverflow, SuperUser, etc.) and maps the user locations to map from the Google Maps API. It is definitely a work-in-progress. Feel free to follow along with the development at its GitHub repository.

Kickstarterterest A proof-of-concept presentation of Kickstarter projects (via their RSS feed) in a masonry-style view (as made famous by Pinterest). Final product goes out to AppHarbor at http://kickstarterterest.apphb.com/.

Open source contributions

I have been trying to contribute to open source projects that make my life easier lately. It has been some great learning experiences. Check out my post on working with different coding styles in Visual Studio for a glimpse into how to work with code written by other teams.

You can check out most of my open source work on GitHub (patridge), but here are some fun ones.

Stack Overflow

Along the same lines, I always find StackOverflow rocks for any programming issues that come up and I try to contribute there whenever I can.

Various Profiles

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