Abusing UIKit for Gaming in Xamarin.iOS, Part 3: Playing Sounds

This is the third in a [glacially-paced] series of Abusing UIKit blog posts giving some background on the development that want into producing Smudges, a simple game written entirely in Xamarin.iOS where fun shapes in various colors show up on the screen wherever a tap is detected. It was original created to give my two-year-old something fun to play while going tap-crazy on the screen. The game evolved from those “play-testing” sessions. If you have your own little ones and want something fun to distract them, Smudges is availabe on the App Store. At this point, I plan to continue adding features to it as I can. Let me know what you think about Smudges, or these blog posts, in the comments below or find @patridgedev on Twitter. Let There Be Noise! Playing sounds in your apps can make for some great user interactions. Of course, it can also be used for far more annoying uses. For Smudges, each time an icon is placed on the screen with a tap, a random sound is played from a set of noises originally generated via as3sfxr (think Atari-era synth sounds). As a disclaimer, this will only cover playing the random sound here… Continue reading