Abusing UIKit for Gaming in Xamarin.iOS, Part 2: Using Custom Fonts

This is the second in a series of Abusing UIKit blog posts giving some background on the development that want into producing Smudges, a simple game written entirely in Xamarin.iOS where fun shapes in various colors show up on the screen wherever a tap is detected. It was original created to give my two-year-old something fun to play while going tap-crazy on the screen. The game evolved from those “play-testing” sessions. If you have your own little ones and want something fun to distract them, Smudges is availabe on the App Store. At this point, I plan to continue adding features to it as I can. Let me know what you think about Smudges, or these blog posts, in the comments below or find @patridgedev on Twitter. Using an Icon Font Using an icon font can be great for a typical app for substituting a mess of PNGs. For icons, the size savings is probably minimal, but dealing with a single font file compared to a folder of icon images in numerous DPI variations can be much nicer. Since we are dealing with “plain” text in a label, color is controlled by manipulating the label’s text color. For Smudges, the… Continue reading